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A healthier version of online community support & accountability without the overwhelm and obsession. Find community, education, empowerment, skills, and accountability from the comfort of your own phone.  

What Is Nude Nutrition Collective?

Quitting dieting can feel like a lonely road. If you feel like you’re the only one preoccupied with food and your body, rest assured, your not!

Nude Nutrition Collective provides you with a safe space to find support, education, develop skills, share experiences, receive accountability. To help you feel empowered to trust, honour and listen to your own body. Away from rules, numbers and counting! 

It includes an active community board, access to 1:1 support and drop in clinics, monthly themes and educational content, expert workshops, regular meet ups and more. 

It’s designed to help you to find food freedom, happiness and ultimately, improved health and well-being from the comfort of an app on your phone. 

Katherine Kimber Registered Dietitian

 “My WHY has become to make YOUR life so much easier and to get you out of the trap”

How Is This Approach Different?

Believe it or not, I was trapped in the dieting world for over 10 years. It’s hard to imagine, right? I’m a Registered Dietitian. It felt shameful. 

Counting calories. Choosing “safe foods” that were the lowest calorie options. Hiding the out of control sugar binges. Restricting. Going insane from the numbers on the scales. Exercising until I got sick and was forced to stop. I didn’t even think I was officially “dieting”.  

To cut a long story short, it was through working at a weight loss clinic that I finally saw diets for what they really were… A prison that felt impossible to get out of.  

So I went on a mission to help more people stop food and body obsession. 

In my practice I draw upon the principles of Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size. An evidenced based framework to help people break out of a negative relationship with food. Plus the lessons I have learnt from my own experiences, my professional practice in the NHS, my nutrition knowledge from 5 years studying at King’s College London, and working with 100’s of people on a 1:1 basis to improve their relationship with food.

My WHY has become to make YOUR life easier and to get out of the trap. 

Looking back, I wish I had friends who understood what I was going through and a safe space to hear other people’s experiences and get support…

Then it hit me!

What if I have a go-to community, a safe space where I can ask questions and share my experiences without being judged or triggered?

That’s why I’m making this wish a reality now.

Nude Nutrition Collective Is For You If…

⭐ You know that food restriction is hurting you and you have some knowledge around Intuitive Eating but you don’t know exactly how to put it into practice. 

⭐ You’re currently healing your relationship with food and your body but you don’t have a safe place to open up your struggles and keep you accountable…

⭐ You’re done with healing your relationship with food but you want to make friends that have similar beliefs and values…

⭐ You’re uncertain where to find people who can relate to your food worries and body image struggles.

⭐ You’re tired of joining yet another Facebook Community because things got too repetitive and triggering.

⭐ You’re looking for a body-inclusive platform to get expert coaching at your own pace and be friends with people facing similar challenges.

⭐ You want a space to ask your questions and have them answered with expertise and compassion.

⭐ You want to hear stories of people who have found food freedom — a constant reminder that it’s 100% possible for you, too.

⭐ You want bite-sized insights to shift your mindset around food and body image.

⭐ A conscious reminder that you’re making a daily effort, enough to make long-lasting changes in your life.

⭐ You want to learn self-compassion, build a resilient body image no matter the size you’re in.

⭐ You want intimate and fun online meet-ups that leave you inspired to take on the next steps.

⭐ You’re looking for timeless resources whether you’re new to Intuitive Eating, just checking it out, or well on your way to better health.

What’s Inside?

An Active Community Board

Where members connect, ask for advice, post questions and ideas, and support each other.

Access to 1:1 support and Drop-In Clinics

I’m the group daily with you. Plus there are monthly live drop-in clinics where you can get 1:1 advice. 

A Safe Space For You To Be YOU

We closely monitor any triggering content such as weight-related numbers and diet-imposing foods.

Monthly Themes & Regular Educational Content

We have a WHOLE LOT of resources waiting for you to make your journey a lot easier…

Happy Hour Virtual Meet Ups

These Zoom sessions are a safe, friendly space where you can get to know your community, create amazing connections, and friends for life! 

Digestible Coaching Videos & Masterclasses

Knowledge is nothing without action so I made sure the videos are bite-sized and actionable.

Access To A Matched Accountability Partner

Everyone’s given the chance each month to have an accountability buddy who matches your needs. The goal here is to consistently keep you accountable so you can reach food freedom without the anxiety, shame and guilt.

Exclusive Access To Guest Expert Training

Intuitive Eating is a journey of a lifetime. So I’m not alone in making sure you get practical knowledge from other experts — be that in intuitive movement, body acceptance, body-inclusive fashion, emotional eating, spirituality, and so much more. These sessions are always recorded to join in at if you miss out on them live too! 

Discount From Courses

Creating my first course ‘Coping With Feelings Without Always Relying On Food’ was my attempt to make support more available and affordable to more people. So I’m taking this a notch higher by giving discounts as my thank you for being a part of the community.

So How About A Taste Of Food Freedom In Your Pocket?

⭐️ No more talk of being slaves to food cravings

⭐️ No more guilt at eating ‘banned’ foods

⭐️ No more endless hours of “working it off”

Get peace of mind because you’ll discover how to…

⭐️ Trust your body to fuel it properly without worrying about losing control.

⭐️ See food as a powerful fuel. Not a scandalous treat.

⭐️ Go out for dinner or drinks with friends without feeling guilty.

⭐️ Get out of the house and finally enjoy the movement that feels right for you.

⭐️ Feel more compassion and kindness towards yourself.

⭐️ Get back that burst of energy to do the things you love.

In short, enjoy the benefits of being in a supportive community rooting for you to stop obsession and gain peace with food…

Look! It’s just like your social media feed… only better, and minus the noise, overwhelm and unhealthy comparisons.

There’s No Superpower Greater Than People Coming Together To Cheer & Help Each Other Out

“Kat has been amazing in helping overcome my issues around food and dieting. I have felt very comfortable with opening up to Kat and this community. She has helped me to see a much better way of thinking and living. I’m so grateful to Kat and her expertise in this area. Can’t recommend her enough!!”

“I really enjoyed the group coaching call today. I see how everyone is on their own journeys and at different stages and everyone had something to contribute which was great. I loved the interaction and just how it felt like a really safe space and non-judgmental.”

“The group call was so interesting to hear others stories, and what resources they have found useful. Thank you so much for setting up this safe space”. 

“I loved talking with everyone in the group session today! I think it had a good amount of people, and they were very honest about their current issues. It’s impressive how many of their concerns were and/or are my concerns as well. Initially, I was a bit afraid because I thought this would be triggering, but it wasn’t because everyone was very understanding and keen on rejecting diet culture.”

“I really enjoyed the group coaching call today. I see how everyone is on their own journeys and at different stages and everyone had something to contribute which was great. I loved the interaction and just how it felt like a really safe space and non-judgmental.”

“I love the monthly Zoom Meet ups! I find the other ladies and yourself so supportive.”

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Choose your plan and start your journey! We can’t wait to see you inside.

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