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 “We help you find food freedom & body trust”

Learn to trust yourself around food, nourish your body without the rules

Break free from bingeing & overeating to free up space to live your best life

Understand & manage emotional eating

Eliminate the confusion by receiving expert advice from qualified professionals

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We are a team of Online Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Clinicians, united in our mission to redefine your relationship with food and help you discover true food happiness. Our philosophy centers around liberating you from food obsessions and empowering you to embrace joyful eating habits without restrictive rules. Discover how our approach can guide you towards lasting happiness with food!

What is Nude Nutrition?

After years of failed weight loss attempts, many people develop unhealthy relationships with food and become locked into a cycle of restricting, binge eating, emotional eating and giving in to cravings. This relationship with food is draining.

What if I told you that there is a way to find peace and food and freedom for good? An approach that doesn’t involve diets, and thinking about what you can and can’t eat and instead focuses on learning to listen and trust your own body to discover a happier, healthier version of you. And the best bit? You never have to follow a weight loss plan again.

Eat happy. Live happy.
Katherine Kimber Online Nutritionist Dietitian

Hey, I’m Kat.

A Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor.

I’m on a mission to set you free from feeling trapped by food and to help you start eating with happiness. Between myself, and the team of experts I have curated, we provide 1:1 online coaching through video calls, as well as self-paced learning, to transform the way you think and feel about food and your body. We support you through every step of your journey to change your relationship with food and say goodbye to dieting and restriction once and for all.

Our Founder, Katherine Kimber, BSc, MSc, RD.

Imagine if you could

Break the endless pattern of "starting again tomorrow"

Stop overeating, and nourish your body according to body cues

Feel safe around all food - it doesn't control you

Working with qualified online registered dietitians and professionals 

Dietitian’s are the only nutrition professionals to be regulated by law, and are governed by an ethical code to ensure that they always work to the highest standard.

How it works with an online dietitian nutritionist

It’s not another fad diet

Through 1:1 support with your online Dietitian Nutritionist or specialist clinician we work with you to assess your lifestyle, relationship with food and your body to help you shape positive changes to behaviours and the way you feel about food.

We’re by your side every step of the way

It’s not another diet. We will be by your side throughout the journey. You will have regular 1:1 support through video call meetings with your dedicated coach as we begin to make positive changes.

Your journey to food freedom

Now that you’re not longer obsessing about food and diets, you can learn to discover the joys of healthy eating. By listening to your body, you will be well on your way to food transformation

Start now – your FREE 7 steps to find food peace & food freedom

If you struggle with yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, comfort eating, binge eating, compulsive overeating or feeling guilty when you eat, this 20-minute audio download (designed by our online nutritionists) with actionable steps in a workbook is right for you.

Why dieting may not be serving you

I know you know that diets don’t work. But diets are sneaky these days.  If you’re trying to lose or control your weight, you’re likely dieting…

It creates food obsession

Do you have food cravings that are out of control? Or maybe that spontaneous meal out brings you more stress than joy? If you feel food has control over you, I promise you’re not alone with that. Battling with that voice sitting on your shoulders telling you that you “should this” and “shouldn’t that” is a common response to deprivation and restriction.

It leads to binge eating

When was the last time you stopped eating when you were comfortably full? Feeling BETTER for eating? When stuck in the diet mentality, we can often swing from being overly hungry (through restriction) all the way to being stuffed. Binge eating and emotional eating are classic responses to deprivation and restriction.

It creates a negative body image

Obsessing about being a specific body size creates body worry, which creates food worry, which fuels the cycle of dieting. For as long as you are at war with your body, it will be difficult to be at peace with food. It’s time to start taking the best care of yourself, and that starts with cultivating body respect.


Client stories

Watch some video stories from recent clients who have worked with our online clinicians to see how our approach has changed their lives

Sarah thought she was addicted to sugar, mostly chocolate. So much so, she was going to spend thousands of pounds to go to a sugar addiction rehab centre, leaving her 9-month-old son behind. Her eating habits were out of control, and her weight was increasing rapidly. She thought a Dietitian would just tell her what to eat and was hesitant… however, realised this is far from the truth! She has now realised she does not have an addiction, now has normalised her eating, she now eats less chocolate, has more structure, more awareness, is more in tune with her natural hunger signals.

Miss M – “Reclaim Your Intuition” programme

From an 8 year battle with “binge eating”, to “my life no longer revolves around food”.

Miss G – “Reclaim Your Intuition” + ongoing support

From a lifelong battle with binge eating, dieting, and an attempt to end her life earlier this year because of it, to be able to look forward to social occasions without agonising over menus, being more present with friends and family, feeling less isolated, and a sense of absolute freedom around food.

“This programme has changed my life”.  

Mrs P – “Reclaim Your Intuition” + ongoing support

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