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Forget the fad diets, banned ‘bad’ foods and OTT exercise plans. It’s time to #StripTheNonsense and take control with simple, expert and personalised nutrition advice to get you to your happiest and healthiest self.

Receive personalised nutrition advice and lifestyle support from Registered Dietitian Katherine Kimber – wherever you are in the world! Working with you and your body, incorporating all aspects of your lifestyle and being on-hand to support you through every step of the way.


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Want to get in control of your eating?

Do you continuously battle with the scales? Not sure what you should or shouldn’t be eating? You’ve lost track of how to eat best for your body and lifestyle? Through personalised nutrition advice and 1:1 coaching, learn to eat healthily without obsessing about food, or falling ‘off the bandwagon’. You will never have to ‘diet’ again.

You need a nutrition consultant?

Looking for a qualified Dietitian for an exciting project or brand collaboration? I can support you with content, provide talks, or private employee consultations to ensure your workplace stay healthy.

You have a medical condition?

Whether you have intolerances, diabetes, a high blood pressure or cholesterol, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), chronic fatigue, depression or anything else, I’m clinically trained to guide you through managing these conditions through personalised nutrition advice and support.

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“Kat helped transform not just my relationship with food, but also my relationship with life. With help from Kat I was able to break a cycle of restrictive eating which was usually followed by uncontrolled eating”.

Who am I?

I am a Registered Dietitian and published scientific author with years of experience in helping people improve their health through better nutrition, both in the NHS and Private Practice. I deliver clear, evidence-based personalised nutrition advice and support to you, from anywhere in the world.

You will receive the tools, accountability, and motivation to embrace a healthy way of living through the foods that you enjoy and the lifestyle you lead. This way, you can work with your body and lifestyle not against it. You simply can’t fail.

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I #StripTheNonsense and share tools to help free you from dieting and obsessing about food.

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Don’t just hear it from me

Here is what my clients have to say…

“I already knew the basics of what constituted a healthy eating lifestyle, yet I was living with a dieting mentality. Years of yo-yoing, I wanted to find someone who would change my thinking, and in Kat I found her! It was a true partnership, where Kat and I worked together to identify key triggers that gravitated me toward unhealthy options. There were two key components, work related stress, and childhood habits. Kat provides a holistic approach, so that she was able to provide tools to help me manage stress and sleep. We also identified work triggers that drove me to chocolate etc., and worked on options that would create a new healthier habit. Childhood habits are now where they belong, in the past, as Kat helped me to reframe those thoughts. My whole life used to revolve around either eating, or planning what I was eating. My friends don’t recognise the new me who can happily make healthy decisions without feeling deprived (which used to lead to a binge in the past) I can’t believe how little we talked about food, yet the session had such an impact on what I ate and how I viewed it. I am now happy with who I am, relaxed about what I eat as I know I’m worth more than a diet, and I’m loving my new lifestyle. I can’t thank Kat enough, just wish I’d found her years ago! Mrs B

One to One Personalised Nutriton Advice

Kat has a wealth of knowledge about food! She is very creative when it comes to finding better ways of using or combining foods on a daily basis. And she is doing it in a positive way with an inspiring genius.

She has always inspired me to look at my eating habits more closely without needing to fear them and to overcome ‘my inner monkey’ as I was striving for a healthier lifestyle. She is very dedicated to her vocation: she did not give up when I did not believe in myself or my capacities to move beyond my own barriers. Thank you, Kat!”
Mrs M

Personalised Nutrition Advice - 12 weeks programme with monthly follow up sessions

“I met with Kat in February, I was hesitant at first as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but she was down to earth, so knowledgeable about nutrition and approachable she immediately put me at ease. I reached my goal in a sensible amount of time and a year on have HONESTLY not put the weight back on.  I sleep better, feel fantastic and everyday thank her to myself!  DO IT YOU WON’T REGRET IT! Miss T

Personalised Nutrition Advice - 12 weeks programme with monthly follow up sessions

“THANK YOU! Not only have you been a fantastic Dietitian, but an amazing counsellor, cheerleader and friend over the past 4 months. Everything about my life has changed thanks to your guidance. Miss J

Personlised Nutriton & Lifestye Advice 12 week programme with follow up

“Kat’s service and sessions have been genuinely life-changing. Her approach is empathic and cohesive, she considered every aspect of my lifestyle in order to help me to find a better balance and to overcome some issues I had been having for a number of years. I feel uplifted, I have much more energy and I feel equipped with knowledge to make better choices when it comes to nutrition and knowing what my body needs and when. Miss W

4 weeks of Coaching Nutrition Advice

“Kat helped transform not just my relationship with food, but also my relationship with life. With help from Kat I was able to break a cycle of restrictive eating which was usually followed by uncontrolled eating. Through removing my restrictions on food, I realised the same could be applied to un-necessary restrictions I had placed on some aspects of every day life! I would definitely recommend Kat to anyone who struggles with dieting or any other aspect of their relationship with food.” Miss J

"Kickstart Programme" - over 6 weeks

“Kat changed my approach to food and dieting and my life! Her brilliant advice and technically superb dietetic support, in weekly sessions that supported my lifestyle changes, really made the difference between success and failure. I have lost over 15 kg and feel fantastic. Mrs H

Personlised Nutriton & Lifestye Advice, 12 week programme with regular follow up

“Kat is absolutely incredible! She uses both scientific information and positive reinforcement that allowed me to make some significant changes to my lifestyle as a whole rather than just in the way that I eat. She’s patient, kind, and knows her stuff. Mrs L

Personlised Nutriton & Lifestye Advice 6 weeks

“I started consultations with Katherine curious to what she could advise me on that I didn’t already know I was doing wrong or that I hadn’t read that I should be doing. I was so wrong – Katherine is a dedicated professional with such a wealth of knowledge on health and well-being that she uniquely tailors to your needs through detailed discussion to get to know you and your concerns. She went above and beyond dietary advice to listen to any concerns I had that may have ultimately been impact my ability to control my diet to support my fitness goals and the end result for me is that I feel full of energy, i’m sleeping better and for the long term I’ve been given the tools to manage myself and implement some real life long habits. Now it’s all down to me! Thanks Katherine! Miss C

Personlised Nutriton & Lifestye Advice 6 weeks

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