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Intuitive Eating Book
You just need to lose weight & 19 other myths book
Just Eat It book
anti-diet book Christy Harrison
The Body is not An Apology
Body Positive Power Book
More Than a Body Book
Life without ED book
What we don't talk about when we talk about fat book
Food Isn't Medicine Book
Heather At Every Size Lindo Bacon
Body Respect Book, Linda Bacon, Lucy Aphramor
Nourish Book, Heidi Schauster
Is Butter A Carb Book, Rosie Saunt, Helen West
How To Raise An Intuitive Eater Book
Michelle Elman, Am I ugly?
Hungry for More, Mel Wells
The Beauty Myth, Naomi Wolf
Eat Yourself Healthy, Dr Megan Rossi
Train Happy Book Tally Rye
The Fuck it diet, caroline Dooner
The Art of Body Acceptance Book, Ashley Bennett

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Stories from previous customers to see what’s possible for you.

From an 8 year battle with “binge eating”, to “my life no longer revolves around food”.

Miss G – “Reclaim Your Intuition” + ongoing support

Sarah thought she was addicted to sugar, mostly chocolate. So much so, she was going to spend thousands of pounds to go to a sugar addiction rehab centre, leaving her 9-month-old son behind. Her eating habits were out of control, and her weight was increasing rapidly. She thought a Dietitian would just tell her what to eat and was hesitant… however, realised this is far from the truth! She has now realised she does not have an addiction, now has normalised her eating, she now eats less chocolate, has more structure, more awareness, is more in tune with her natural hunger signals.

Miss M – “Reclaim Your Intuition” programme

From a lifelong battle with binge eating, dieting, and an attempt to end her life earlier this year because of it, to be able to look forward to social occasions without agonising over menus, being more present with friends and family, feeling less isolated, and a sense of absolute freedom around food.

“This programme has changed my life”.  

Mrs P – “Reclaim Your Intuition” + ongoing support