Corporate Hire Of Registered Dietitian

Looking to hire a Registered Dietitian for an upcoming event?

If your attendees are in need of credible nutrition advice from a qualified professional, you can contact Katherine about your upcoming event. Katherine is available for podcast guesting, seminars, workshops, panel events, corporate speaking and more! 

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Previous Partners

Each of these previous partnerships has included either delivering online webinars, in house workshops, podcast guesting, article writing, running 1:1 nutrition clinics, speaking on panels, or a combination of the above.

Contact for bookings

Don’t just hear it from me! 

“Thank you for organising the Webinar yesterday. It was so informative I’ve taken away a lot from this and the presentation was clear, concise very informative and a great trainer.”

(Cala Homes Employee, Webinar on Eating Well During Complex Times)

“Her knowledge & experience was exceptional.”

(Football Radar Employee, workplace wellness talk)

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