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I am Katherine Kimber, a Registered non-diet Dietitian Nutritionist and I am on a mission to set you free from dieting and confusing nutrition information. 

I help those who want to get off the diet train for good, but who are stuck in the cycle of swinging between diet land (being ‘good’), and doughnut land (“falling off the wagon”). I’ve been there myself, and it’s no way to live life!  

I help my clients to break down food rules and restrictions, find trust in their natural hunger, fullness and satisfaction, and learn how to eat again from the ground up. This way, they can find freedom from food guilt and obsession, and enjoy eating healthy foods that satisfy them.

Why me? Because aside from my personal experiences of having a negative relationship with food, I have completed an extensive amount of formal education and training. I have a first class degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from King’s College London, and a distinction in my Masters in Clinical Research. I am also highly experienced in providing motivational support, I’m trained in Intuitive Eating, and hold a Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming.

I started my career working in the NHS in various specialities before moving into private practice specialising in weight loss. This is where a lot of the magic happened… 

I am on a mission to end nutrition nonsense and free you from dieting and food guilt. I take the most up-to-date evidence-based nutrition information and empower you to make changes to your health and lifestyle via personalised nutrition coaching.

But first, let me explain a little more…

There is a real focus on ‘weight loss’ for optimal health, with so many people looking to diets, fads and quick fixes. It’s understandable in the culture that we live in and I was once sucked into that. 

I saw a huge number of clients who wanted to lose weight but without officially ‘dieting’. 

They were often having difficulty with: 

– Binge eating, compulsive eating, or feeling out of control around foods (usually after periods of being ‘good’, ‘healthy’ or ‘clean’)

– Emotional eating, anxiety eating, stress eating or comfort eating

– Eating when not hungry or eating past the point of comfortable fullness (overeating)

– Weight yo-yoing

– Food obsession and feeling guilty after eating

These are unfortunately just some of the side effects of trying to lose weight that nobody every really talks about. Some of this is exacerbated by confusion and caused by pseudoscience seen in the media.

I heard things like…

“I need to lose the weight first, and then I will tackle the other eating problems.”

“I know what I need to do, I just need some accountability and more self-control.”

“This time it’s different. I feel ready and motivated to lose the weight again and keep it off for good.” 

Have you ever thought or said these things? I certainly have! 

Having delved into the research to support these clients, I realised they (and I) needed to turn away from dieting, food restriction and any other method of restriction in the pursuit of weight loss. 

After all, the research proves that restriction leads to further weight gain over time, and can actually trigger the behaviours above.

So what is the magic? Is there really a way out?

Thankfully there is, and it’s called Intuitive Eating.

This is an evidence-based approach, using a series of tools and skills to help you move away from rigid external rules, allowing you to finally trust your body and its signals again. This is truly a revolutionary approach for both me and my clients.

Many benefits my clients report include increased energy, decreased anxiety around food and eating, feeling freer – more content and comfortable in their body. It’s certainly changed my life for the better! 

One of the best things is that you can’t ‘mess up’ as this is not another diet! You no longer have to feel exhausted by endless feelings of failure. It’s about learning to be guided by your body and trusting yourself, rather than a set of rules defined by someone else.

The evidenced-based benefits for this way of eating include (with links to research):

So are you ready to embrace this approach?

You want to eat foods that you enjoy without obsessing?

You want to improve your health through good nutrition, with the most up to date evidence-based advice?

You want to bin your list of food rules and stop your life revolving around healthy eating or planning what to eat?

You want to work with a qualified professional who nurtures a good relationship with food?

If you answered ‘yes’ then working with me is right for you!

Katherine has recently been recognised by The WellSpoken Mark to be making a positive impact on the ‘wellness’ industry and has demonstrated her commitment to high standards.

Katherine is a member of the BDA. She is statutorily regulated, with a protected title and governed by an ethical code, to ensure that she always works to the highest standard.

Katherine is registered with the HCPC -  a regulator of health and care professions in the UK. Their role is to protect the public. By law, Katherine must be registered with the HCPC to work in the UK.

Katherine is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and has undertaken additional training to help assure a consistent message that promotes the intention and the integrity of the Intuitive Eating process.

Want to get to know me better?

I #StripTheNonsense on Instagram @nudenutritionrd and share tools to help free you from dieting, food fears and food guilt.

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