“Her knowledge and experience was exceptional”

An Employee of Football Radar

Nutrition talk with staff one to ones

“10% of sick leave can be attributed to nutrition and lifestyle factors”

“Poor nutrition can impact productivity, energy levels, and decision making”

“Those working over 8hours a day may be at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes”


  • Tailored 45-minute engaging workplace talks to #StripTheNonsense, with 15-minute Q&A’s
  • One to one’s with staff – a 20-minute private consultation which includes a brief dietary and lifestyle analysis.
  • Personalised nutrition advice, and follow up on email if required.
  • Continued support for individuals as required, both in-house and remote (packages can be discussed).
  • Recommendations for your office environment
  • Bespoke support available, tailored to your company needs.