Combining qualified nutritional advice with lifestyle coaching and ongoing support to get you to your happiest and healthiest self, without overwhelm, confusion or deprivation.


Do any of these sound familiar?


“I’m confused, fed up and need advice from a qualified professional.”

“I’ve been on and off of so many different diets and nothing seems to work.”

“I binge eat, overeat and find that I just can’t stop eating.”

“I eat when I am feeling emotional, anxious or stressed.”

“My whole life feels like it’s revolved around eating or planning to eat healthy.”

“I have a long list of forbidden foods and food rules and I just want to enjoy eating healthy foods”

The benefits you will receive from personalised nutrition support

Enjoy Food - No Guilt

Enjoy eating foods that truly satisfy you. No more feeling deprived or eating miserable salads for ‘health’ sake. No foods are out of bounds, which means you can’t go “off plan”. 



 With weekly, fortnightly, or monthly check-ins, and support on hand in between consultations, I guide you through day to day challenges. You won’t find yourself “re-starting on Monday”.


A Lifetime of Tools

 Find balance and enjoyment from healthy eating and have the tools to maintain your new ways of eating and living for the rest of your life. You will be free from restricted diet plans, banned foods, calorie or points counting.

Expert Guidance

Learn from an expert with realistic, practical and science-based support from start to finish to erradicate myths and confusion.

Working WITH Your Body & Lifestyle

Rediscover your inate ability to listen to your body to determine how much, when and what to eat. No more calorie counting, scales or fitness trackers. We will consider how your work, sleep, stress, family and social life impact your nutrition.



Control binge eating

Learn how to stop binge eating and feeling out of control around food. No more guilt, food fears, confusion or anxiety. You will learn how to build a peaceful relationship with food so you can stop yo-yo dieting and obsessing over food and your weight.

Stop emotional eating

Learn how to stop emotional, comfort and anxiety eating and learn how to soothe your emotions without relying on food. You can enjoy a life free of food guilt, stop weight gain, and prevent feeling uncomfortable / nauseous  after eating.



Support in your Pocket

I am on hand between consultations with a specialist dietetic app. This means any burning questions can be answered daily when you need, to eradicate any confusion and ensure you get the results you deserve.

“Everything about my life has changed thanks to your guidance.”

“Kat helped transform not just my relationship with food, but also my relationship with life. With help from Kat I was able to break a cycle of restrictive eating which was usually followed by uncontrolled eating.” 

How it works

Step 1.

1 x Initial consultation

This 1-hour session over video call is to get to know you, your lifestyle and preferences in great detail. We'll explore your food problems, and your lifestyle, including stress, anxiety, sleep, and movement. We’ll identify which unique factors may holding your back and unravel what you are hoping to get out of working together. 

Step 2.

 1 x personalised nutrition & lifestyle session

This second 1-hour session over video call is where we lay out the foundations that will underpin our work together. You will be provided with beautifully written materials that are uniquely tailored to you, packaged up and sent via email. You will leave this session feeling equipped with the tools on how to get started on your journey.   

Step 3.

Follow-up sessions

These sessions are for 45-minutes via video call. Each follow-up session is tailored to your individual needs. We will continue to unwravel your food problems and day-to-day challenges and work together to resolve them. Between session activities and resources will be provided. 

2 simple programmes


Receive all of the support and guidance you need to get started on your journey. 

Initial consultation (1hr)

Personalised nutrition and lifestyle session (1hr)

6 x 45-minute follow-up sessions

Email/phone/app support in between sessions

Between session activities and relevant resources


This programme is perfect if you know you have a longer way to go. 

Initial consultation (1hr)

Personalised nutrition and lifestyle session (1hr)

10 x 45-minute follow-up sessions

Email/phone/app support in between sessions

Between session activities and relevant resources

Book a FREE discovery call to see if I am right for you.

Other bespoke options available, enquire for more information. 

Got medical insurance? I’m a Registered Professional with  Axa PPP, Vitality, and Aviva.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't really afford it right now

You can pay for block bookings in 2 instalments for a fee of just £15. Just drop me an email and we can come to an arrangement. It may seem like a significant investment in yourself, and you may feel uncomfortable at the thought of it. However, what you learn will last a lifetime. Some people wouldn’t think twice about spending a few hundred on a weeks holiday, but hesitate to put themselves and their health first!

But I've tried so many things before... how is this different?

I don’t just give you a meal plan. I teach you a way to eat so you never struggle again. It’s not a magic pill, or quick fix… and it doesn’t try to be. You will learn a completely new approach to food. No deprivation. You can’t fail.

Kat helped transform not just my relationship with food, but also my relationship with life. With helo from Kat I was able to break a cycle of restrictive eating which was usually followed by uncontrolled eating”

Will I lose weight?

The support will aim to help you stop overeating, reduce cravings, manage any medical conditions, and change your relationship with food so being healthy will come much easier. Weight loss does, and can occur. The process is designed to escape the diet trap so that you can find your natural weight for life.

“Kat changed my approach to food and dieting and my life! Her brilliant advice and technically superb dietetic support, in weekly sessions that supported my lifestyle changes, really made the difference between success and failure. I have lost over 15 kg and feel fantastic.”

I am a bit worried about not meeting you in person

Remote coaching is quite a new concept. I understand you might be a bit sceptical. In reality, I do not need to physically examine or assess you (or at least there is nothing we can’t do over video call), and the guidance I provide would be no different to that received in a clinic room. It means you can receive support from the comfort of your own home or office, without losing time travelling to and from a clinic. You can also book a FREE 20 minute telephone consultation with me to see if you like me first too!

I don't have time right now, but I will in a few weeks/months

The mentality of ‘starting on Monday’, or ‘next month’ or ‘6 weeks before holiday’, is the diet mentality. There is never the perfect time, and never a clear run in the diary! That’s why I am there to guide and coach you week to week and help you navigate through difficult situations! Whether this be weddings, travelling, work, holidays, social events… the list is endless.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes, it is possible to have your package refunded if you decide you do not want to continue after session 1. If however, you have started your package and decide that after session 2 you do not want to continue, unfortunately it is not possible to obtain a refund. Under special circumstances, we may be able to put you support on hold for a maximum of 3 months.

I am not available in the day time to speak, do you work evenings and weekends?

Yes, I work weekday evenings a couple of nights a week up until 8pm (please enquire for specific days) and I start consultations at 8am so you may be able to squeeze in your session before your working day. Unfortunately, I no longer work weekends… I need a little downtime too so I can be refreshed and ready to support you! I am not rigid and I can often be flexible with appointments so we can fit in your consultation at a time that works best for you.

Need more information?

I typically respond within 6 business working hours