I am here to help! I combine qualified nutritional advice with Intuitive Eating coaching and ongoing support to get you to your happiest and healthiest self, without overwhelm, confusion or deprivation.



“I feel addicted to food.”

“I can’t keep certain food in the house, like chocolate, as I know I will just eat it all”

“I’m confused, fed up and need advice from a qualified professional.”

“I’ve been on and off of so many different diets and nothing seems to work.”

“I binge eat, overeat and find that I just can’t stop eating.”

“I eat when I am feeling emotional, anxious or stressed.”

“My whole life feels like it’s revolved around eating or planning to eat healthy.”

“I have a long list of forbidden foods and food rules and I just want to enjoy eating healthy foods.”

“I have a medical condition which needs managing with nutrition.”

Intuitive Eating

What is Intuitive Eating?

The approach I use is an evidenced based self-care framework called Intuitive eating. It’s a process of learning to honour your health by listening and responding to the direct messages of your body.  This helps you to meet your physical and mental needs based on YOUR terms. Basically, making you the boss of you! This means no relying on external tools such as the time of day, points systems, calorie tracking, rules or meal plans to show you the way – sounds exciting right?

Intuitive Eating is designed to help people break out of a negative relationship with food and to have a healthier body image.

It now has over 120 studies to support its use to improve health and wellbeing. It’s not a fad, and it’s not a diet. It’s a set of 10 principles developed to help you build up trust in listening to your own body to tell you what, when and how much to eat. 

Now this can also sound quite scary… and the process of intuitive eating isn’t just a case of “eat whatever, it’s fine” – there’s work to be done and that’s what I’m here for.

Support Services

How Support Works

The support that I offer typically starts with two 75-minute video call meetings, and followed up with weekly or fortnightly 45-minute sessions. 

Initial 75-minute consultation

This 75-minute session is aimed to get to know you, your lifestyle and preferences in great detail. We’ll identify how your relationship with food has developed, how you currently feel about food and your body and I will help you to decide the appropriate next steps for your needs.


Second 75-minute consultation

We will lay the foundations for your journey ahead, and I will introduce to the principles of Intuitive Eating. A good place to start is by ditching the diet mentality and the diet tools that disconnect you from the experience of tuning in your body. This way, you can make way for intuitive eating to become part of your life.

45-minute follow up consultations

During these sessions, you will learn how to to tune into, and respond to natural hunger signals. You will learn how to let go of rules, restrictions and rigid thinking. I will help you to move away from food guilt, learn how to tune into how food tastes, and how it makes you feel so that you can eat healthily on your own terms. I will help you understand and manage emotional eating, feel better in your body, and discover a more sustainable approach to movement and nutrition. 

Two Programmes

I have different programmes depending on the length of support you require. You will have unlimited support on email from me during working hours, as well as worksheets, and supporting materials and activities for between sessions.

Reclaim Your Intuition

90 Days

You will be well on your way to a healthier relationship with food and your body and equipt with all of the tools you need.  


Intuitive Eating and Health Assessment

9 Coaching Sessions

(2 x 75-minute + 7 x follow up sessions)

Written materials tailored to you and your journey

Between session activities and resources - written materials provided

Access to app support in between sessions.

Text/Email/App support in between consultations as required.

Reclaim & Retain 

90 Days & Ongoing Support

This is designed for those who know they have a longer way to go (and works out as the best value too).


Intuitive Eating and Health Assessment

18 Coaching Sessions tapered over 12 months. 

(2 x 75-minute + 16 x follow up sessions)

Written materials tailored to you and your journey.

Between session activities and resources - written materials provided

Access to app support in between sessions.

Text/Email/App support in between consultations as required.

Please enquire for prices and availability. It is possible to start a programme and progress onto further support as required. Pay per session and bespoke options available. 

What to expect


The Intuitive Eating approach I use teaches you how to move away from rigid external rules, and learn to eat according to your body’s natural appetite and physiological cues. Here is what you can expect to cover in sessions. 

Ditching diets

Recognise how dieting and restriction have contributed to eating problems. It’s time to get angry at the lies diets have sold you, and understand the science behind why they don’t work. We will look at who and what you are influenced by, and how we can start shifting diet thinking. If you’re feeling brave this is the step where we ditch the scales, toss out diet plans, magazines and cookbooks and clean up your social media feed. It’s time to break up with diet culture for good so you can allow Intuitive Eating to become part of your life.  

Learn to honour your hunger

This step is about learning to nourish your body with the right amount of energy to avoid going into starvation mode. I get that this might sound simple, but it’s often one of the most enlightening steps of my client’s journey. It’s surprising how many people rely on the clock, calories, or other tools to tell us when to eat. Some even see it as a win to have pacified the hunger with water, coffee or a diet coke! Allowing yourself to become excessively hungry triggers a natural intense desire to eat, often leading to unintended binge eating. Our body is the best tool to tell us when to eat, so this step is about learning to recognise how hunger feels for you and removing guilt for nourishing your body.

Make peace with foods

This step is about giving yourself permission to eat ALL foods! Yes, I know that sounds super scary. But the reality is, restriction hasn’t worked either. Restriction in fact fuels the binge restrict cycle. In this step, we break down food rules and do a little myth-busting – usually around common fear foods like sugar, dairy, additives, protein, gluten, carbs. I help you understand where your fears are coming from and break down the actual science behind these foods. This isn’t about a free for all. I will give you guidance on how to approach previously restricted foods with curiosity and in a way that you feel safe.

Discover food satisfaction

Have you ever considered whether rice cakes, kale crisps, and low-calorie cereal bars actually leave you feeling satisfied. Quite often filling up on these low-calorie foods, leaves us feeling unsatisfied. We find ourselves at some point in the day or week, uncontrollably diving into the foods we are trying to avoid (cheese, cookies, chocolate, ice-cream, etc.) Through mindful eating exercises, and really tuning into your taste buds, you will learn to discover what foods you actually enjoy, and what foods aren’t serving you too well.

Respect your fullness

When was the last time you stopped eating when you were comfortably full? Feeling BETTER for eating? When stuck in the diet mentality, we can often swing from being overly hungry (through restriction) all the way to being stuffed. With intuitive eating, no foods are off-limits and there are no rules. You can therefore, feel safe in the knowledge that you can eat as much as you need to feel comfortable right now, and eat again when your body is ready for it.

Honour feelings without food

Emotional eating is perfectly natural and is usually an act of self-care. It should not fill you with guilt. As you move through the intuitive eating journey, honour your hunger and remove the forbidden factor from foods, emotional eating can actually dissipate. However, if food is still your only or main coping mechanism, we will work through ways to soothe your emotions that aren’t just with food. We will also work together to identify other areas of your life that may be impacting your ability to tune into your body’s natural signals (e.g. lack of sleep, stress, boundaries). 

Respect your body

As you move through the intuitive eating journey, you may find your weight fluctuates a little, before it settles in its happiest and healthiest place. It’s time to accept that your body shape and size is special and unique to you and to not base your value or worth on a number. Your genes are set in stone, so being critical about something that you can’t change is not a helpful exercise. We will develop strategies to help you feel more neutral about your body, focusing on all of the wonderful things your body can do or has done to help rediscover self-love.

Exercise to feel the difference

We will identify ways in which you can bring joyful movement into your life for fun, fitness and with friends, rather than to punish your body. We will work to ditch rigid exercise plans if they aren’t serving you, and certainly remove pursuit of activities that you don’t enjoy. If you find movement that you makes you feel good, you’ll automatically want to do it more often without even realising!

Gentle nutrition

This is all about nourishing your body with foods that satisfy you and make you feel good. There is no such thing as eating perfectly. We usually leave this step until the end, and it turns out that most people find eating a nutritious balanced diet feels good! No foods are off-limits and we can identify how ALL foods have an important purpose to serve. And it is about doing this consistently over time.


Client Stories


Listen to Melody's story

Melody's battle with her weight and relationship with food lasted for over 8 years. Melody did not realise the behaviours she was engaging with were dieting behaviours. These were compounding her food related issues and holding her back from finding food peace and freedom. 

She completed my 3-month programme with me, and has kindly shared her story on video. Take a look at what happened.


Mrs P - 3 Month Programme + ongoing support  


Listen to Angela's story

Angela's battle with her weight and relationship with food has been lifelong. So much so, she attempted to end her life earlier this year.

She completed my 3-month programme with me, and has kindly shared her story on video. Take a look at what happened.


Mrs P - 3 Month Programme + ongoing support  


Listen to Amanda's story

Amanda has been dieting since her teens and found with all of the rules she had adopted, there were very few foods left she 'could' eat.

She completed my 3-month programme with me, and has also kindly shared her story on video. Take a look at what happened.

Mrs G - 3 Month Programme 


Listen to Sarah's story

Sarah thought she was addicted to sugar, mostly chocolate. So much so, she was going to spend thousands of pounds to go to a sugar addiction rehab centre, leaving her 9 month old son behind. Her eating habits were out of control, and her weight was increasing rapidly. 

She completed a 3-month programme with me, and has also kindly shared her story on video. Take a look at what happened.

Miss M - 3 Month Programme 


Listen to Shelley's story

Shelley had been trying to eat "healthily", sticking to the same foods for fear of losing control - especially around sugar. Issues with her gut were fuelling the fear of certain foods, and her relationship with food became unhealthy. 

She completed a 3-month programme with me, and has also kindly shared her story on video. Take a look at what happened.

Miss M - 3 Month Programme 


Listen to Lucia's story

Lucia had done many diets, including cutting out all white carbs, sweets and chocolate, or always following some form of a plan. She had little trust in her own body to tell her what, when and how much to eat. She was fed up of her weight increasing with every diet attempt, just like many other people I work with. 

She completed a 3-month programme with me, and has also kindly shared her story on video. Take a look at what happened.

Miss M - 3 Month Programme 


Listen to Joanna's story

Joanna was fed up of constantly trying to lose weight. She felt that chocolate was always her downfall. Working whilst living with a chronic condition compounded her eating habits. Joanna would try and avoid having certain foods in the house due to fear of feeling out of control. Joanna was fed up with her weight increasing and wanted to get a handle on her eating habits. 

She completed a 3-month programme with me, and has also kindly shared her story on video. Take a look at what happened.

Mrs B - 3 Month Programme 


Listen to Antonella's story

Antonella knew that weight loss was possible, however as with 80-95% of people who lose weight, she found herself gaining it back again. She wanted to get in control of her eating habits, so she could trust herself around food again and feel in control. 

She completed a 3-month programme with me, and has also kindly shared her story on video. Take a look at what happened.

Miss M - 3 Month Programme 


Get in touch


Book a FREE discovery call or fill out my enquiry form to see if working with me is right for you.

Other bespoke options and ongoing support is available, enquire for more information. 

Got medical insurance? I’m a Registered Professional with  Axa PPP, Vitality, and Aviva.

Benefits to you


Enjoy Food - No Guilt

Enjoy eating foods that truly satisfy you. No more feeling deprived or eating miserable salads for ‘health’ sake. No foods are out of bounds, which means you can’t go “off plan”. 



 With weekly, fortnightly, or monthly check-ins, and support on hand in between consultations, I guide you through day to day challenges. You won’t find yourself “re-starting on Monday”.


A Lifetime of Tools

 Find balance and enjoyment from healthy eating and have the tools to maintain your new ways of eating and living for the rest of your life. You will be free from restricted diet plans, banned foods, calorie or points counting.

Expert Guidance

Learn from an expert with realistic, practical and science-based support from start to finish to erradicate myths and confusion.

Working WITH Your Body & Lifestyle

Rediscover your innate ability to listen to your body to determine how much, when and what to eat. No more calorie counting, scales or fitness trackers. We will consider how your work, sleep, stress, family and social life impact your nutrition.



Control Binge Eating

Learn how to stop binge eating and feeling out of control around food. No more guilt, food fears, confusion or anxiety. You will learn how to build a peaceful relationship with food so you can stop yo-yo dieting and obsessing over food and your weight.



Understand Emotional Eating

Learn how to understand emotional, comfort and anxiety eating and learn how to soothe your emotions without relying on food. You can enjoy a life free of food guilt, stop weight gain, and prevent feeling uncomfortable / nauseous after eating.



Support in your Pocket

I am on hand between consultations with a specialist dietetic app. This means any burning questions can be answered daily when you need, to eradicate any confusion and ensure you get the results you deserve.

Benefits to you


What is Intuitive Eating?

At this stage of hitting “Rock Bottom” I imagine you are painfully aware that every attempt to lose weight has ended in “failure”. You are tired of valuing each day based on whether the scale is up or down a pound or two (or if you overate the day before). You think and worry about food all of the time. 

Intuitive Eating is an evidence based and non-diet approach to wellness that helps you break free from the chronic side effects of dieting. It offers freedom from restriction and food rules and gets you back to normal eating. It’s an approach to help you get out of your head, and more into your body, removing the should / shouldn’t voices that constantly sit on your shoulders. You will learn how to honour your hunger, respect your fullness, how to cope with emotions without relying on food, and much much more. It’s about taking weight out of the equation and allowing our body to settle at its natural weight once eating patterns normalise. 

But I've tried so many things before... how is this different?

I don’t just give you a meal plan. I teach you a way to eat so you never struggle again. It’s not a magic pill, or quick fix… and it doesn’t try to be. You will learn a completely new approach to food. No deprivation. You can’t fail.

Kat helped transform not just my relationship with food, but also my relationship with life. With help from Kat I was able to break a cycle of restrictive eating which was usually followed by uncontrolled eating”

Do you give meal plans?

A diet plan or a set of rules to follow can sound attractive and is a quick fix for the short term. However, in my experience, it can add more rules, demonises certain foods and ways of eating, is something to fall off of and feel guilty about. Ultimately can lead to damage in the long term. 

For this reason, the framework that I use for support is Intuitive eating, which is a process of learning to honour your health by listening and responding to the direct messages of your body. This helps you to meet your physical and mental needs based on YOUR terms. Basically, making you the boss of you! This means not relying on external tools such as the time of day, thinking “what you SHOULD” be eating, points systems, calorie tracking, rigid rules or meal plans to show you the way. This may seem daunting, but this is where my support comes in. 

If I let myself eat what I want, I will just gain weight!

If you’re like most of the clients I see, the idea of not restricting yourself in some way can be really scary (even when you know that you can’t choke down one more diet plan or drink). It’s normal to feel panicky about letting go of that restriction or a set of rules, especially when the world around you is on some form of diet. It’s probably been the only tool you have known to lose weight!

Many of my clients feel stuck between two fears:

1) “If I continue dieting, I will ruin my metabolism and gain weight”. 

2) “If I stop dieting, I will gain more weight / I won’t stop eating / I won’t know what to eat / I will be out of control”. 

However, the reality is, dieting/restriction is often the trigger for overeating. Of course it’s hard to stop eating when you’ve been under eating and restricting food. It’s a normal response to starvation/deprivation. But once your body learns and trusts that food will always be available, that intense desire will reduce. When you banish diets and become an intuitive eater, you will be eating in response to inner signals (hunger/fullness/satisfaction), rather than relying on the external cues (e.g. a plan, time of day, calories or carbs) to tell you what to eat. 

Will I lose weight?

The support will aim to help you stop overeating, reduce cravings, manage any medical conditions, and change your relationship with food so being healthy will come much easier. Weight loss does and can occur. The process is designed to escape the diet trap so that you can find your natural weight for life.

What if I have a medical condition?

I have a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with an NHS background. If you have a medical condition, like diabetes, PCOS, IBS/Gut health, high blood pressure, high cholesterol I am able to support you. We will use take a gentle nutrition approach to work together, which means rigid food rules we will not be enforced. We will take a look at what can be added to the diet where possible. All of the support I provide is the most up-to-date and evidence-based.

I can't really afford it right now

Many of my clients claim that they have SAVED money through working with me. They no longer make last minute $99 purchases on the latest meal and fitness plans or invest in diet products and diet books. You can also pay to work with me in instalments. Just drop me an email (katherine@nudenutritionrd.com) and we can come to an arrangement. It may seem like a significant investment in yourself, and you may feel uncomfortable at the thought of it. However, what you learn will last a lifetime. Some people wouldn’t think twice about spending a few hundred on a weeks holiday, but hesitate to put themselves and their health first!

I am a bit worried about not meeting you in person

I work from a clinic room in Bournemouth if you would like to see me in person. Remote coaching is quite a new concept. I understand you might be a bit sceptical. In reality, I do not need to physically examine or assess you (or at least there is nothing we can’t do over a video call), and the guidance I provide would be no different to that received in a clinic room. It means you can receive support from the comfort of your own home or office, without losing time travelling to and from a clinic. You can also book a FREE 20-minute telephone consultation with me to see if you like me first too!

I don't have time right now, but I will in a few weeks/months

The mentality of ‘starting on Monday’, or ‘next month’ or ‘6 weeks before holiday’, is the diet mentality. There is never the perfect time, and never a clear run in the diary! That’s why I am there to guide and coach you week to week and help you navigate through difficult situations! Whether this be weddings, travelling, work, holidays, social events… the list is endless.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes, it is possible to have your package refunded if you decide you do not want to continue after session 1. If however, you have started your package and decide that after session 2 you do not want to continue, unfortunately it is not possible to obtain a refund. Under special circumstances, we may be able to put your support on hold for a maximum of 3 months.

I am not available in the day time to speak, do you work evenings and weekends?

Yes, I work weekday evenings a couple of nights a week up until 6pm (please enquire for specific days) and I start consultations at 8am so you may be able to squeeze in your session before the day begins. Unfortunately, I no longer work weekends… I need a little downtime too so I can be refreshed and ready to support you! I am not rigid and I can often be flexible with appointments so we can fit in your consultation at a time that works best for you. Just ask! 

Image by: Helena Sollie - Intuitive Eating Tips For Those Starting Out

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