Through qualified nutrition and lifestyle support, I provide bespoke, easy-to-follow programmes to get you to your healthiest and happiest self without overwhelm, confusion or deprivation. If you’ve been battling with yo-yo dieting, overeating and poor self control around food I can help. If you want to erradicate myths and confusion, improve your energy levels, or have a specific medical condition, I can also help.

Personalised Programmes

Bespoke, simple, realistic and evidence based coaching over 4+ weeks. Whether to gain control around food and stop dieting for good, or for a medical condition, I can help.

FREE 20-Minute Consultation

Curious about what support would be best for you? A quick discovery phone call for some tips to help you on your way, or to see whether I am right for you.

FREE 1 Week Course

Sick of yo-yo dieting? It’s not more willpower that you need. It’s a better relationship with food. You can get started right away with this free 1 week course.

Are you ready to free yourself from food rules, restrictions and obsessions?


It's not more willpower thay you need.

It's a better relationship with food.

Learn how with my FREE 1 week course.


What customers are saying

Don't just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!

"Kat's service and sessions have been genuinely life-changing. Her approach is empathic and cohesive, she considered every aspect of my lifestyle in order to help me to find a better balance and to overcome some issues I had been having for a number of years. I feel uplifted, I have much more energy and I feel equipped with the knowledge to make better choices when it comes to nutrition and knowing what my body needs and when."

Gemma W, Personalised Programme for 6 weeks

"I started consultations with Katherine curious to what she could advise me on that I didn't already know I was doing wrong or that I hadn't read that I should be doing. I was so wrong - Katherine is a dedicated professional with such a wealth of knowledge on health and well-being that she uniquely tailors to your needs through detailed discussion to get to know you and your concerns. She went above and beyond dietary advice to listen to any concerns I had that may have ultimately been impacting my ability to control my diet to support my fitness goals and the end result for me is that I feel full of energy, I'm sleeping better and for the long term I've been given the tools to manage myself and implement some real life-long habits. Now it's all down to me! Thanks, Katherine!"

Jessica C, Personalised Programme for 4 weeks

"THANK YOU! Not only have you been a fantastic Dietitian, but an amazing counsellor, cheerleader and friend over the past 4 months. Everything about my life has changed thanks to your guidance."

Stephanie J, Personalised Programme for 12 weeks

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